This summer, I made a plan!

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This summer, I vow to really do what I intend to do every summer, to indulge myself in good books. Read “widely” is a hot term in literacy education these days. It refers to the breadth of a child’s reading experience across many genres and purposes. My summer reading intentions often get watered down by an urge to read way too widely and for too many different purposes. Over the final months of the school year, my bedside table piles up with things that “I’ll get to in the summer” – magazines, professional texts, children’s books. The list of novels on my kindle “wishlist” grows to unprecedented lengths. “I’ll get there soon… summer is almost here.”

The summer comes and goes. It’s always wonderfully refreshing and great to have time with my fun and funny children. We have adventures, play games, make projects, read together, but that reading that I hoped to do… I sort of scratch the surface, barely.

Not this year… this year will be different. I decided to do what I tell all students to do – make a plan! OK, well, I almost always have a plan, but my plans just haven’t been terribly realistic in the past. I’ve got a plan this year, a more focused plan, and it’s going to leave me feeling satisfied and fulfilled. I’m going to relish in a whole lot of reading, and my kids, they’re going to do some of it with me!

Instead of trying to do it all, I’ve decided to dig deep into one area and tread lightly in some others. I’m diving into children’s literature this summer. I’m amassing a pile, a productive pile, of books that I intend to read and write about! I’ll share my thoughts as a teacher and as a parent, and sometimes, maybe I can even get my kids (ages 7 and almost 4) to share their thoughts too. I’ll read “widely” (though not too widely) – delving into texts for children of all ages and in various genre.

I hope you’ll join me this summer as I joyfully engage in children’s literature, relishing in the possibilities!


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