The Little Things…

imagesI know my daughter is learning what it means to be a reader when I am able to see her take on the little things we do as experienced adult readers in her life. Yes, of course, the big things – learning to decode and make meaning – are of importance in this journey, but the little things… they show us how carefully children / students are watching us and how seriously they take this journey.

Tonight, as I was reading to Penny before bed, she requested (as she often does) to turn the pages of the book. We were reading an old, familiar favorite of a book, and as we neared the end of the first page page, I observed her licking the tips of her thumb and pointer finger prior to turning the page! A quintessential teacher move. Penny just finished her 5th day of kindergarten. Her teachers read to them daily. Penny has observed her teachers moistening their fingers as such, and now, she has one more reading move that she eagerly practiced tonight.

These little things, these small behaviors that children mimic from us are reason to take note and celebrate. They are examples of the readers our children are growing into and highlight the desire they have to keep growing!

What “little things” do you see young readers trying out?


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