Reading Lives… Share Your Journey

bookyourtrippromo1_wide-35f1b45a9d74345351eeae8c86b22cf1be23a34b-s900-c85I’ve been following a series of posts on a favorite blog of mine, Nerdy Book Club, called “Reading Lives”. Reading these posts offers a clear reminder of two powerful messages:

1) There is no one way to be a reader… we come to reading at different times and in different ways. We find comfort in and interest in different types of books. We bring our reading into our homes and work places with uniqueness that is our own.

2) Our reading lives matter. Being in touch with our own reading lives and sharing our stories with children not only supports our teaching, it also supports children in their ability to engage in the work of building a reading life of their own. Children need to know that the love for reading does not generally magically materialize. We all have (or have had) paths to travel to get to the point where our reading life feels robust, important, and worth holding close!

Share your journey with others, the bumpy and tiring parts as well as the thrilling and captivating parts.



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