What do you think Harry Potter’s meals at Hogwarts were like?

halloween_feast_foodNow that is a conversation I can imagine having at my dinner table. I have a son who is currently entrenched in the world of Harry Potter. Sometimes (it pains me to say), we have to literally remove the book from his little hands as we sit down at the dinner table. “We want to talk to you when we’re at dinner,” I say as he reluctantly puts the book aside. What if books and food became worked together in our lives to promote literacy and healthy relationships.

The Family Dinner Project out of Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero uses research to back the notion that drawing explicit connections between reading and family dinner does indeed promote language and literacy development as well as healthy family relationships.

In reading Bari Walsh’s recent article, “How to Raise a Voracious Reader”, I’m inspired and convinced… The Family Dinner Project is gong to make it’s way to my dinner table. Check this out if you think you might want to give it a try in your home too.


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